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9Ekim Group Relocation Company9Ekim Group Relocation Company9Ekim Group Relocation Company

Work Permit Consultancy in Turkey

Foreign personnel work and residence permit consultancy, Turkish citizenship

9Ekim has been providing work permit services for foreign employees as the most important part of relocation services since 1994. 9ekim is aware of the fact that quality of relocation services is gaining more and more importance day by day with the increasing inflow of foreign capital and has formed a professional team to provide consultancy services for work permit. We therefore have provided consultancy services to a good number of HR departments of international companies as well as expats and their families to become a preeminent company in the sector.

As you can see in our references, we have the competency to provide work permit consultancy to expats who work for local and foreign companies as a result of our knowledge and experience gained with the work permit projects we carry out with HR departments of multinational companies and cooperation we made. Work permit and relocation service standards of 9ekim Group of Companies are guaranteed by ISO9001:2008 quality certificate.

9Ekim generates special relocation solutions for HR departments taking the conditions peculiar to Turkey into account, therefore provides a different service from other companies. Some of the main differences are as follows:

9Ekim is an Istanbul centered company which offers relocation and work permit services with its own professional team without outsourcing for your safety.
We provide all of the relocation services required after obtaining work permit with our professional team.
We provide services for first application to be made from Turkish consulates abroad with our multilingual team.
Multilingual consultants of 9ekim are always available and we follow up the work permit application process and frequently report to HR departments. We elaborate and give priority to the processes of CEOs, executives and key personnel.
Along with the high experience gained in work permit and relocation services, we have full membership to international relocation associations and federations. (EURA and WorldwideERC).

Did you know?

Efes Pilsen, the leader of its sector with a market share of 86% and the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to beer in Turkey, has been working with 9Ekim for the relocation services of its foreign personnel who have been working in Turkey and the world (in Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and 14 brewery subsidiaries abroad) since 2006. prefers!

Company Competence Specialization Institutionalism

We have a corporate culture, we treat our employees equally, we provide special trainings to improve their personal/vocational education.

9Ekim is the Only Licensed Customs Consultancy Firm, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, offering Customs Clearance Services for Pets in Turkey. Our rules and procedures are clear, you do not pay any extra fees. That’s why those who work with us are always one step ahead.

All of our staff are experts and trained in their fields, and four different languages are spoken and written fluently in our company.

We have clear and clearly defined rules. We don’t break the rules. Thanks to our experienced staff and departments, we take quick decisions and implement them.

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